Still going strong!

Week 16 is now behind me and I am still going strong. I feel great and I am making progress daily. The track work, hills, long run and bike were all right on target. The bike ride today was 15 miles – an hour and a half around a neighborhood in Knoxville aptly named Sequoyah HILLS. Part of the course that I rode is on the route for the Knoxville Marathon… a marathon that I most certainly will not do! It is so hilly – I cannot imagine running in for 26.2 miles. The neighborhood is so pretty – it really was fun riding around it. Plus, I had the added bonus of seeing Katheryn when I made my laps. Mollie wanted to come with me but that would have been a disaster!

I had a great weekend relaxing with my daughter and taking advantage of her physical therapy knowledge. When I got there Friday I went to her clinic and made a comment about my Morton’s Neuroma and the PT offered to look at my foot. After feeling my feet a bit she found it! She pressed down in between my 2nd and 3rd metatarsals and literally “hit the nerve”! She offered some recommendations to help which included stretching my calves – something I thought I did, but apparently not good enough. I am supposed to have about 15% flexion and i have ZERO. This is the angle at which I can pull my toe toward me. No matter how hard I pull my foot remains neutral – 0% flexion. Lovely.

She recommended a slat board for me to use for stretching which I will most certainly do daily. She also told my sweet daughter to work on “releasing” my foot later that night. This was interesting!

Katheryn pulled out a strange device for “cupping therapy”. It is an old Chinese technique that creates a localized vacuum that causes the blood to come in the injured area to help with healing. All I know is that it HURTS. After the cupping she rubbed an ice cube in between my metatarsals. I will be continuing this ice therapy myself and with the stretching I hope it helps. The miles are getting longer and right now anything over 5 miles hurts a lot… I will try anything I can to get some relief.

Bring on week 15!


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