Tired week

Between work and training I am tired this week. I had a tough workout Tuesday that kicked my butt! I didn’t run as fast as I was supposed to and my heart rate should have gotten a few beats higher. My legs just didn’t want to move.

The workout was a 1.5 mile warm-up that included skipping and strides, followed by 5 x 600 meters (alternating 200’s HARD, easy and HARD) then a cool down to total 6 miles. I was supposed to run my 200’s at a 7:50-ish pace but they were around 8:03 or so. I dipped down a few times, but not consistently. Plus, I failed at getting faster each set. My last interval was slower than the first… only by a couple of seconds, but slower never the less.

Today was Crossfit. I really wanted to come home, put my pajamas on and lay on the couch, but considering John worked out in the heat all day and he still had the will to exercise I figured I better suck it up. It is good having him around! I ended up having a decent workout – “The Sevens” 7 rounds of 7 exercises for 7 reps each.

7 push-ups
7 thursters
7 sit-ups
7 deadlifts
7 kettle bell swings
7 pull-ups

I followed this up with some stretching including the most painful calf stretch on the slant board. That thing is a torture device! But, if it helps then I will continue.

It is now after 9:00 and just finished my shower. I am SUPPOSED to still be icing my feet and I probably SHOULD hook myself up to the TENS unit… but I am tired and 4:30 AM comes too soon.

Hills tomorrow.


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