First bad run

It was bound to happen – my first bad run of the training. I was looking forward to today’s workout because it was different – focused on music. I was to alternate fast and slow songs for 5 miles. I created my playlist and headed to the park.

I set out and a nice pace for my first song… then second song, then the pace was supposed to pick up. I couldn’t seem to pick up the pace. My legs were slow and heavy. I worked and worked and huffed and puffed… I looked at my Garmin… 1.84 miles!!!!!!!!!! Good God! I had over 4 miles to go and I was suffering. I wanted to quit.

Last year I would have quit.

I didn’t. No way. I have to finish this marathon this year and that means doing ALL the training runs. I have to put in the miles. I have to overcome my weaknesses.

I did finish the 5 miles, but not as completely prescribed. I didn’t go as fast and get my heart rate up as high as my coach dictated, but I finished the miles and put in the time. At the end I was tired and my hips, legs and feet hurt.

The good thing was that 1) I had a massage schedule for later and 2) tomorrow is rest day!

Fast forward to 11:00 AM… my massage. I have not been getting them regularly, but that is about to change. I have to be able to run and not be in pain and the massages, combined with the stretching help. The bad news is that Bonnie is leaving the Massage Envy. I have to find someone knew and the last two I have had just haven’t cut it. I need someone who knows muscles and what they do and how to fix problems. Luckily I think I found her replacement. Gale. She has been a massage therapist for 16 years and talked MUSCLES. She knows what to do for my pain and I think she will help. I have already schedule my next appointment.

Sop, now I am relaxing, and tomorrow I will relax as much as I can after a 2+ hour motorcycle ride! Sunday is 8 miles… it will be a good run!


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