Half way through week 14!

I almost forgot the countdown! 14 weeks to go… it doesn’t really seem like enough time, but I suppose it will have to be. So far this week I have had some hill work and some strength and cross training sessions. The hill work was tough, as usual… 5 times up a hill for 2 minutes, progressively faster each time. I did it, although each time wasn’t THAT much faster than then last.

Tomorrow is another epic track workout for 5.5 miles. Before work. I am SO tired on Tuesday and Thursday nights. A 4:30AM wake-up call just does not get any easier and makes for a VERY long day!

The long run this weekend is 10 miles. I need to find a “fairly flat” route (so says my plan). Ideally I get a decent run without having to struggle up hills. I am still on the hunt for the route I want to take. The best areas seem to be too far away.

Early to bed tonight!


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