It’s ladder time!

I had a fun workout this morning… note, fun is very loosely defined:)

After a warm-up run the ladder:
1 minute hard/1 minute easy
then back down again…

My “easy” was a walk… My heart rate was so high that I needed to walk to recover. One day I will probably have to start slow running my recovery… it’s just hard to think of any sort of running as recovery!

With the warm-up, the ladder and the cool down this workout totaled 5.5 miles. A great way to start the day!

Tomorrow, thankfully, is rest day. It used to also be FREE day once upon a time ago. Now that the long runs are Saturday it is important to rest, hydrate and fuel well. My Saturday run is 10 miles and has to be good. I plan on having a really good, strong run.


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