12 weeks!

I have been training for 7 weeks already. The mileage has been pretty consistent as I work on my form and strength. I know all of the runs are only going to get longer. This weekend is 12 miles… 12 miles of “zen” as Katie put it. I am working hard on my mental game and am going to be relaxed and focused on my heart rate this run.

This past weekend I did 5 hilly miles where I had to “attack the hills, recover on the downhill and steady on the flat.” I took each hill as it came and pushed up it as hard as I could. The thick, humid air made breathing a bit difficult, but I just took the time I needed to catch my breath and move on to the next hill.

Sunday was an awesome 17 mile bike ride. I really look forward to these workouts each week. The bike is so nice – no pain involved! I had to do mile repeats and got between 20-21 mph on those “hard” intervals. I had one really fast stretch of 23mph, but there was a light downhill. I still peddled hard and got my heart rate up. I was fun going fast… usually I avoid that. I am changing my ways!

I am still struggling with hip and foot pain, but I think all the stretching and massage helps. I am also playing around with some mole skin padding under the ball of my foot and it seems to help as well. I really didn’t have any pain at all after my 5 mile lake run. Hopefully that is a sign of good things!

For my mental game I am reading many books… Mind Gym that Katie recommended, With Winning in Mind and The 10 Minute Mental Toughness . It might seem like overkill, but I want to make sure I get as many techniques as possible for focusing and stopping the negative chatter I always have going on. As a bonus Katie is bringing me worksheets on Thursday – I can’t wait to see what that is all about!

The good thing is that so far they all say basically the same things! I think the number one thing right now that I have been focusing on is to focus on the here and now. Do not worry about what happened in the past and do not worry about what might come in the future.

Off to bed for me – 4:30 AM comes early!


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