There’s a name for a run like today…

It’s called a confidence building run! I had a great run today – 12 miles down in Greenville at the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It is a really nice, FLAT, place to run with plenty of other runners, walkers and cyclists.

My coach has started prescribing workouts based on my heart rate… the other day I had to do 6 miles; 1.5 warm-up then one mile keeping my heart rate at 155, one mile at 160 and one mile at 165, then a 1.5 cool down. This really worked well for me and I was able to keep my pace steady and consistent.

Good thing… because today was my 12 mile long run and my only instructions were to keep my heart rate between 150-158 and run 12 miles. So simple yet so effective. There was no anxiety about not meeting a certain pace or time. She did estimate my completion time at 2:30, but I didn’t look at that at any point in my run. I stayed focused on each mile and my heart rate.

I felt as good at the finish as I did at the start. I didn’t take any unplanned walk breaks (the only ones I did take were to take in gel and water and those were brief – just enough time to get my gel, swallow it and put the garbage bag in my belt). I ended up finishing 3 minutes faster than the time alloted. She has said that her times are just estimates, but it is the first long run that I think I finished early. This is progress!


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