Monthly Archives: September, 2011

My first time!!!

I am so excited! Today I had a race and I actually placed 3rd in my age group! It was an 8K VERY hilly race. The race was built into my mileage for my marathon training. I had to run 2 miles warm-up before the race, race, then 3 miles after to total 10 miles. …

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Back on track

Actually, I do not think I got off track, but the last three weeks have been busy and I have not felt focused on my running. I have been tired from all of the traveling and socializing… I just need a weekend at home to regroup. Hopefully this is the weekend. I was going to …

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Count down…. 8 weeks

I start week 8 with a great deal of foot pain. The stupid Morton’s Neuroma is back! I think it is in both feet now, which makes things even worse. I have tried everything the past couple of weeks… icing, wrapping, taping, anti-inflammatories, TENS unit, massage, cupping, rolling, trigger point…. now it’s time to go …

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