Count down…. 8 weeks

I start week 8 with a great deal of foot pain. The stupid Morton’s Neuroma is back! I think it is in both feet now, which makes things even worse. I have tried everything the past couple of weeks… icing, wrapping, taping, anti-inflammatories, TENS unit, massage, cupping, rolling, trigger point…. now it’s time to go back to the doctor and get the dreaded cortisone shot.

I do not mind getting the shot, but I am worried it could make things worse. I have read horror stories on-line (I know… stupid…) that say sometimes shots make it worse and you only get “one shot” for it to be effective. Since I had a shot in 2009, and it worked, I worry. But, as I try to keep reminding myself that worrying doesn’t help anything. I am just going to have faith this will work and the next 8 weeks will be pain free.

On a bright note – my legs feel stronger than ever and my heart is strong. When I am running my legs feel good and I know they can go the distance. I can’t way I am getting much faster, but I can run a consistent speed longer. The only goal is to finish strong. I know I can do that.

There is a lot of work to be done these next 8 weeks and I need to focus. I got a bit off track with business travel, vacation and fun-filled weekends with family. I need to just stay home, eat right and get the workouts done!


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