Back on track

Actually, I do not think I got off track, but the last three weeks have been busy and I have not felt focused on my running. I have been tired from all of the traveling and socializing… I just need a weekend at home to regroup. Hopefully this is the weekend.

I was going to do a 5K race this weekend, but at the last minute I decided to just go it alone. I needed a good, focused “zen” run where I did not have any distractions of having to be anywhere at a certain time. Since I didn’t preregister I would have had to get there early to do that… I just didn’t want the stress.

I am so happy I did my own thing! I had to do three 3 mile runs. I had a really great run! I was consistent with my pace and I felt good the whole time. My feet are still not 100% but SO much better than they were just a few days ago. The cortisone shot helped so much. The doctor also put some metatarsal pads in my shoes that did end up giving me a blister on my right foot, but lucky I had another pain of shoes in the car and switched them out for the final three miles.

Tomorrow is a 10 mile run and I have to run it 2 minutes faster than I did my last 10 mile run. I am feeling pretty good so I think I can do it. I just have to figure out where I am going to go.

On another note… it has been 2 years since I started running consistently. This weekend two years ago I showed up for my first “Ache Around the Lake” training run where I met my good friend Scarlette! Boy how time flies! Since then I have made a few good friends… I used to call them my “running friends”… now they are just friends. It is great to have a group of people to run with and to have for support… and support them. It is a good thing!


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