Another 20 in the books

On schedule for today was another 20 miler. I can’t say that I was thrilled. For some reason this week was tough for me…I really had no interest at all in running – although I did what I was told.

I actually got the 20 miles done in 3:56 hours which I thought was a record, but I do not think so. Last time I did 20.50 miles in 4 hours so if I really took the time to do the math I think that one was faster. Either way, I was happy to finish in less that 4 hours. It didn’t come without pain.
The problems:
My foot hurt
My achehilles tendon hurt
My heart was palpitating too much
I got a side stitch
My calves were tight
My hamstring got a cramp
The gels didn’t sit well with me

The excuses:
I was busy this week so I didn’t hydrate as well as I should have
I didn’t eat as well as I should have
I didn’t stretch as well as I should have
It was cold and windy

Seriously… yesterday when I was driving home from shopping I believe my car thermometer said 89 degrees. It was not humid and pretty nice out but it was hot. I awoke this morning to 40-something degrees and WINDY! 40 and windy? who wants to run 20 miles in THAT!!! Especially when you do not even want to run at all?

I took my good old sweet time getting ready. I was dreading being out in that and my mind was just not right. It wasn’t right all week. Not sure what happened to my confidence that I have had the past few weeks but it was gone. I was filled with doubt about being able to finish and trying to think of ways to get out of it. I could say I was sick… no… I had to do it. The marathon was not going to get any easier if I accidentally missed this run.

As usual my coach had things for me to do on my run. You just don’t RUN 20 miles… you have tasks. I actually like the little tasks because it is hard to justify running 20 miles.

Today it was 3 x 6 miles with a 2 mile cool down. Now, that doesn’t sound bad at all, does it?

First 6 miles I was to think about swinging my arms. Second set I was to think about swinging my arms and my foot strike. Third 6 miles I was supposed to think about my arm swing, foot strike and forward lean. Yes, it was all to come together in perfect form. easier said then done. At some point I just decided to get through this thing. My form was not always 100% and I am quite sure my foot strike was not where it needed to be but I finished. I actually finished strong.

Since my coach is on vacation she posted the next two weeks of workouts. This is unfortunate. One of the things I have like most about training with a coach is getting the workouts a week at a time and not being able to have anxiety about upcoming workouts. Now I know I have to race in a half marathon this coming weekend and then run yet ANOTHER 20 miles the next weekend. Only a two week taper! Some people online are having their last 20 this weekend and they are starting a 4 week taper! I am so jealous!!!

That’s ok – she is a professional and knows me so I am sure she is prescribing what I need. I am looking forward to these last few weeks of training. I plan of doing GREAT in the marathon!


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