The last 20…

I had my last 20 mile training run this weekend. It was less than stellar. I really wanted to quit at mile 3… really. I am tired and my route was harder than usual. I decided to run near home and it was hilly and difficult. Plus, I have had this nagging calf pain all week. I having been trying to do everything right and I do not know why I am suddenly having issues. My 20 minute run was 20 minutes slower than it has been. M pace slowly diminished with each mile, yet my heart rate stayed the same. I was working really hard and with all the hills I could not seem to maintain a steady pace.

The good thing about all of it was 1) I was running with my friends, and that was good 2) I did change my scenery, which is probably a good thing 3) even though I was slower than I wanted I was still at a pace that allows me to “beat the bridge” at the MCM. The route I had this weekend was harder than the MCM route should be so hopefully that means I can run the marathon better.

Taper time starts now. Hopefully that means my body will start feeling better and I will recover and be strong for the race.


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