Amazing weekends!

If last weekend was not good enough… I had yet another great weekend. Way before I knew I would get into the MCM I signed up for the inaugural Savannah Rock and Roll Marathon. I paid the entrance fee and planned a girls weekend. I was going to run something this weekend. I knew my body was not ready for another marathon so I switched down to the half. Good choice!

After getting home from the marathon earlier I spent most of the week sick. I have had a terrible cough, stuffy head and I believe maybe a fever Tuesday night. I was worried Wednesday night that I would even be able to go to Savannah. I did not want to miss out on this weekend! I invested in some Muscinex DM and after two doses I was a lot better. Not cured, but the coughing settled down considerably. I was good to do.

At the starting line I felt relaxed and ready for whatever was to come. Because I just completed the marathon I really was not supposed to push too hard during this run. But I felt so good at the start… I wanted to shoot for a decent time. Maybe not a PR, but I thought it would be great to run it faster than 2:30.

The race was fun – lots of other fun runners and the crowd was pretty good. The run, unfortunately, did not go through all the historic and beautiful parts of town but instead the poorer neighborhoods. The roads were narrow so much of the time was spent dodging other runners. The locals came out to cheer for us and there were a few that cheered harder than any spectators I have ever heard. They were amazing.

The first three miles seemed easy. I averaged an 11:30 pace, which should put me in at my goal time. By mile 6 I could feel the weight of the marathon on my legs. I became very fatigued. It was at that point I decided that if I was going to keep going at a relatively steady pace I needed to run/walk. I decided to take one mile at a time… at each new mile I would walk a minute (or so). This worked until the last mile. The race was very congested through the narrow roads and it took a lot of effort to get around the slow moving crowd (I can say that because I was part of them!) And, as luck would have it, on this relatively flat course there was an uphill near the finish line. Just what I needed!

When I rounded the corned I decided to give it all I could. I ended up finishing in 2:35.

I am proud of that time. It was 19 minutes off of my half PR, but it was the only time I ran a half 6 days after a full. What I am most proud of is that I am fit enough to do whatever I want. It is very empowering.

It also marks the first time I wore my fancy compression socks out in public! I really think they helped.

The rest of the weekend was spent with great friends. It was a girls weekend and had a great time!

Can’t wait to now start planning for my next goal!


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