The new challenge has begun!

Last night I had my first session with Coach Katie and the new bike. She picked it up for me so I met her at her house to try it out. It is nice – I will have pictures when I actually have possession of it.

Tonight was to make sure it fight and give me some instruction. Cycling is more complicated than it appears. She had to hook it up to the “trainer”, adjust the seat, change and grease the pedals, get me in some special cycling shoes and then get on the bike and get the shoes clipped in to the pedals. Just getting on the bike was a challenge!

I pedaled and pedaled… sometimes with both legs, sometimes just with one. I had to visualize things to ensure I was pedaling correctly – heels should be down as if scraping dirt off the bottom of them. I should be pedaling in a circle, not just pushing down. I should not be putting a lot of pressure on the pedal but instead pretending and egg is underneath my foot. I think I have a lot more to learn!

My bike has to be adjusted a bit – different handle bars and they have to be moved closer to my body. Little tweaks to make it more comfortable so I can ride my best. LUCKILY I have Katie to help me know all of these things. ALl this is new information to me… I have a lot of reading to do.

Hopefully by next week I will be ready to ride!


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