Second Ride

On my schedule today was an 8 mile run. Actually the plan suggested 8 miles but said I could do anywhere between 7 and 12 miles. 8 sounded good. 3 miles warm-up, 1 mile race pace, 1 mile easy, 1 mile at 2 minutes hard alternating with 2 minutes easy, cool-down 2 miles. I was spot on with the workout and very pleased. Am I fast yet? No. But, I did exactly what I was told and it felt good.

My running has been gradually getting better over the last month. I am surprised to say that it took my a month to recover from the marathon, and the half soon after. Mentally I was ready to start my new challenge, but everything I went to work out my heart just wasn’t in it. Things hurt and I just could never do the workouts with as much intensity as I needed to.

All that changed this week. Since my around the lake followed by my first ride my workouts have been great. I feel good again and want to give it my all.

For my second bike ride today I met up with my cycling partner, Cynthia. She has been doing it a bit longer then I have so I was happy to ride with her. She has a route picked and I plan was to follow her wherever she went. It was a nice course through country roads. Very few cars passed us, which was nice. The ones that did managed to get over far enough that I never felt uneasy.

The roads had nice, rolling hills and were enough of a challenge that they were not boring and not hard enough to be exhausting. I have to say, after all the running and riding the past couple of days my legs were fatigued!

My focus for this ride was to try to relax and get comfortable on the bike. Not sure if I succeeded. I had to keep reminding myself to relax my upper body. My forearms and shoulders felt tense the entire time. There is no zoning out in cycling. You cannot listen to music or get lost in your thoughts… you have to pay attention. After 16 miles today I was ready to stop. Sure my legs were fatigued, but if that was all there was I could have kept going. Mentally I was tired of constantly having to think about clipping, unclipping, shifting, braking, looking for cars, watching for potholes and gravel… there is always something!

All that said, I am looking forward to my next ride. My plan this week calls for a lot of drills on the trainer, running and strength training. Then, next week a big 20-miler!


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