Enjoying the off season!

Since the marathon I have been enjoying not having to train for something. That thing had been on my mind so long I didn’t realize how much it consumed me until now. I feel so relaxed and at peace now that it is done and I have’t had to worry about it! That is probably not a healthy way to have a goal – I know I do not want to set myself up for that again. I need goals and challenges to keep myself motivated, but not one so big that my whole life revolves around it for a year!

The past couple of months I have enjoyed following my training plan, which has included a nice variety of things… cycling, weights, yoga, core… running. My runs have been social and enjoyable – I have loved getting out for fun. I have even left my watch at home a couple of times.

Now it is time to gear up for the new year and create a new set of goals. But, before I do I have to reflect on a great year. The good thing about a blog (even one that is not kept up with very well) is that I get to look back and see all the fun things I have done all year… and all the struggles I have overcome. I looked back to my goals for 2011 and see that most I succeeded at and one I did not.

Run a marathon – done

Continue to be social with the running club – done

Lose weight – ah, no… a constant struggle. BUT, my subset of goals to achieve that were met. I do not eat processed food and eat a pretty clean diet. Regardless though, calories are calories and I eat too many calories to lose weight. I don’t weigh myself anymore because it makes me feel bad about myself, but I have been in the same size pants all year, so that is good. There are times during the year where I have felt thinner than others and I need more of those days. However, although there are times I certainly could have cut back I feel that during the 5 months of marathon training I needed every calorie I took in. I had to fuel my runs and I needed to finish strong. Marathon training is no time to diet. That was first and foremost on my mind last year and I do not feel bad about losing weight. I feel strong and healthy!

One of the best things I did for myself in 2011 was get a running coach, Coach Katie Malone. I am so thankful that I can afford such a luxury and even more thankful that she accepted me. I was nervous to reach out to her because she is a pro and coaches triathletes… I figured she wouldn’t have time for me and my slow pace:) She did and she has helped me so much. I like being accountable to her and diligently log my workouts. I can’t wait to see where she takes me in 2012!

Finally, my reflection wouldn’t be complete without remembering also how lucky I am to have such wonderful family and friends. Through all this training my family has been so wonderful. Marathon training is a full time job – one that needs to be scheduled around. I had to disrupt weekends for 20 mile runs… avoided celebrations and parties the night before long runs… AND, not to mention, the constant talking about the runs!!! I am sure it all gets old, but my wonderful family continued to listen and support.

Poor John, everyday listening to me talk about it (sometimes whining about it). Providing his unique pep talks daily – sometimes I appreciated them and sometimes I didn’t. Mom, Dad, Katheryn and Brad… what can I say – always believing in me and cheering for me! I loved having them at the marathon. The BEST moment was seeing them at mile 16. I will never forget that! They were ALWAYS there for me and believed in me. I have the best family in the world!

AND, last but not least all of my wonderful running friends. Never have I been surrounded by so many wonderful and supportive people. They were there with me early in the mornings around the track, with me on my long runs, running friends at work helping me when I was out of town and encouraging me via e-mail…. I was shocked and amazed at the support I had on marathon day when I daughter brought to my attention that so many people were tracking me and encouraging me from Facebook. I could not believe how many people were spending their day thinking about me and wishing for my success. What an awesome feeling!

I am so lucky. What a great year! On to 2012!


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  1. Linda Phelps

    You are the greatest daughter anyone can have and we are so proud of you!

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