The Hardest Workout Ever…

I swear, it was. Although I have probably said that 100 times over the last few years. I remember when my first 30 Day Shred was the hardest ever… my first speed training session at the track training for my first 10K,,, maybe P90X… one of my many 20 milers training for the marathon… ok, so in hindsight everything is hard with enough effort. Today was no exception.

The workout prescribed today was called “Trainer using gearing – RZ#7”. One day I have to ask what the “RZ” means as it shows up in all the trainer workouts. All trainer workouts are hard, but this was just ridiculous. I am quiet sure I am being punished for something. (Truth be told, I was given a similar workout last week but I didn’t do it right. It was a long workout with lots of instructions and HONESTLY I missed the second half. The hard half. I could have lied and told her I did it (of course she would have known) but I didn’t. I confessed that I “cheated myself of a string of 100 RPM’s”.

Clearly she didn’t want me to cheat myself. She is only trying to make me stronger, right? Not punishing me? The WHOLE workout tonight was a string of 100 RPM’s. I cannot tell you how hard this is – my poor legs constantly moving as fast as they could while the gears kept getting harder. By intervals 10, 11 and 12 I really thought my legs were going to cramp. I am not sure that my quads were supposed to hurt as much as they did – I am sure I am not pedaling efficiently yet.

I did have to stop once to crank up the music. I was in about three intervals and I just had the TV on. I figured for a one hour workout that I needed entertainment. I did, but not that kind. I needed high energy music to help keep my legs moving. It worked. Pink, Lady Gaga and LMFAO helped me keep my cadence high.

In case you are curious… this is what the workout looked like on paper:
Your Workouts for Monday, January 23
Workout #1: Trainer using gearing – RZ#7
Type: Bike
Planned duration: 1:00
Planned distance: 15.0 miles
(The gear 42 is the little chain ring in the front or 52 is the big chain ring and the 17,18,19, 20 refer to the cogs in the back)
8 min 42(little chain ring in the front) & 20 in the back (this is in the middle of the rear cassette) – easy spin WU
3min @ 42×18 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×17 100 RPM
2 min @ 42×16 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×17 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×18 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×19 Spin
2 min @ 42×18 Spin
3min @ 42×17 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×16 100 RPM
2 min @ 42×15 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×16 100 RPM
3 min @ 42×17 100 RPM
5 min @ 42×20 Spin
8 min @ 42×16 45 sec off/ 15 sec on
6 min @ 42×20 Cool Down
TOTAL 60 min

And this little gem tucked in over halfway through – 2 min @ 42×15 100 RPM – TORTURE.

Off to stretch and go to bed. Track work in the morning!


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