Two weeks ago I posted on motivation… then nothing. What happened here, did I lose my motivation? Actually I thought for a bit that the post had the opposite effect on me. I didn’t want to do anything. I was tired and sluggish and my workouts were less than wonderful. Guess what? Sick again.

I have been sick more times in this past year than I have my whole adult life. I feel like I have something that is always lingering in the background that I can’t shake. I am tired. Last year when I went for my physical nothing was wrong and my lovely doctor, as usual, said to take antidepressants. Lovely… I need a new doctor.

I continue my thyroid medication and my blood tests are fine. I just have these periods of fatigue.

The past couple of weeks it is more that just being tired. I have been stuffed up and have had a low-grade fever on and off. I finally take myself to the doctor to find out that I have bronchitis and allergies. After a long discussion allergies have probably been around for a while… that along with, possibly, exercised induced asthma. Exercised induced asthma needs a test, but the doctor I saw suggested I get tested based on what I told him. I will look into that when I get better.

The allergies are new for me, but totally make sense. The fatigue is from being stuffed up all the time and not being able to breathe and therefore not getting a good, restful sleep. It was funny because he asked me a bunch of questions that he totally knew what the answer was going to be before he asked. Then he responded “allergies”.

“How does one get allergies at 43?”, I ask? His reply, you have probably had then for a while and have been ignoring them. I can no longer ignore them.

The problem now is that somehow, in addition to the allergies, I have bronchitis. He gave me a breathing treatment via a nebulizer. I could immediately feel more oxygen getting into my lungs. (although, albuterol, I discovered, does not sit well with me). The albuterol opened my air-ways but sent my body into tremors that did not stop for about 30 minutes. I had to sit in the office shaking until I was calm enough to drive. Even after I left the office I walked around outside awhile until I thought I was ok. I left the appointment with three prescriptions; antibiotics, an inhaler and allergy medicine.

By the time I got home the fever had come back and I spent the rest of the day trying to fight off a 102+ fever. The highest it got was 102.5. It finally went down after Tylenol, a bath, alcohol swabs on my forehead and cold rags. The lowest it got was 101. The next day was a low-grade fever all day, but luckily it didn’t get bad again.

The next two days were spent trying to figure out if I was still sick or if all the medicine was making me crazy. The Clariton-D he told me to take was horrible. I would rather have allergies than take that stuff. My head was spinning, I couldn’t sleep and I felt like I was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Not good.

Apparently it is the “D” part that is bad.

The inhaler doesn’t do much better for me. It opens my airways but it makes my head tingle. Not a good tingle. It just makes me want to scream.

I have a half marathon next weekend and none of this was on the training schedule!!!

Today I stopped taking the medicine and still feel bad, but I needed to feel halfway normal so I could try to get a run in. I had 7 miles on the schedule for today. I headed out at 2:00 determined to get it done. 3 run/walk miles later I was toast. My legs felt great, but I was tired and HOT. I should have tried to get out a bit earlier in the day.

All that being said… I will run my half marathon next week. I was totally and completely inspired by two people this weekend. My friend Cynthia finished her first triathlon and I am so proud of her! My coach Katie, did the same triathlon and finished 2nd OVERALL! THEN, went on to do a marathon today! She has battled some foot issues for a while I still was able to perform. They inspired me.

I had planned that this half would be a PR for me and I started thinking that if I can’t PR then I shouldn’t do it. That is kind of silly. First, who knows what the day will bring and second, who cares? I have the opportunity to run in a fun race and get another beautiful medal. I have the opportunity to enjoy a race that I have been looking forward to running. If I am slow it will not matter. I will still be out there being thankful I can do it at all.


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