A horsey kind of weekend

I had a fun weekend full of being with friends, riding bikes and looking at horses…

All week I had planned on going up to Black Mountain to ride a training ride for my next big adventure – the Cycle to Farm Ride on June 23rd. It is a metric century – 62 miles long, with lots of hills. I signed up for it while I was on my high from the Assault… heck, I couldn’t make it up one hill, why not try three! That’s just how I am.

As Saturday drew near I started getting more and more nervous about the ride. It was a 24 mile group ride with a three mile climb on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Self doubt set in until I just decided to skip it all together. I opted to do my prescribed workout in a familiar area with my friend Cynthia. The moment I made that decision I felt better. We went out and had a good ride.

I didn’t quite make all my miles because I ran out of time… had to get back for my next date – Steeplechase. My first ever. Rumor has it everyone just stands around and gets drunk, but I was really curious about the horse race.

I got to see the horses and even won on a bet – $20! After two more losing bets I stopped and went home with $10…well, Now that I think about it the entry was $10 so I basically broke even.

It was fun hanging out with my friends. Now that I am training for three sports the running has taken a back seat while I get my cycling and swimming up to speed. Being a triathlete takes a lot of time!

Today I was supposed to run 8 miles. I have had to run 8 miles for the past few weeks and I am sick of running 8 miles. I slept in and basically decided I wasn’t going to do it. I was going to clean the house and get things in order for another busy week. IF I happened to feel like running later, then I would, but I doubted it.

In between cleaning I would get on the internet (why rush the cleaning?) About 11:15 I got an e-mail from the girl that leads the training rides for the Cycle to Farm ride. She said the social ride is still on for 1:00 today. I forgot all about that ride… a nice 12-14 mile ride at a 10-12 MPH pace. this would be a chance to meet her and to get a taste of that area. I loaded up my bike and headed out. It was an hour drive, but I wanted to go to Earthfare any ways and from there it is only another 20 minutes or so.

There were only three of us; Jen, the leader, her husband and me. It was cold and damp but hopefully would be a good ride. Right off the bat we were going up a hill. I realized half way up that I didn’t do my inhaler. I could really tell that I was sucking wind. I was hoping this wouldn’t last.

Well, up and down the hills we went. Nothing terribly steep, but enough to keep my pumping.

The route with really nice with light traffic. The scenery was really pretty and after the first couple of miles I was able to relax and enjoy the ride. On the way back we got a special treat. Some horses were out on the pasture and we stopped to watch them. After a few minutes they ran up to us. It was beautiful.

Here is the route: http://www.endomondo.com/embed/workouts?w=mwNZDc4QZaY&width=580&height=600&width=950&height=600


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  1. Danielle Shepard

    Sounds like a great weekend to me!

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