It’s who I am!

I curious thing has happened to me these last couple of months… I have found joy in my workouts. Real happiness about what I am doing. A couple of years ago when I started all of this I was filled with fear and anxiety. Worrying about how I look and what people will think… worrying about failing. I was focused on weight loss – exercise was a means to an end. It works and I lost a good bit of weight in the process. I still need to, but it is not the driving force anymore. What is? I like it.

I like training. There, I said it.

I look forward to my workouts. Heck, even yesterday on my REST day all I could think about was riding my bike. I wanted so badly to ride and ride and ride. I think that was the first time I ever didn’t want to rest! (I did rest).

Today was local trail race that I had signed up for because my friend Caroline was in charge. It is a nice race near home, but I am not a huge fan of trail running. Even though it is hard I wasn’t really dreading the experience. I was going to be out on a beautiful day with my friends running through the woods. That is pretty nice!

John surprised me and showed up half way on the trail. He notified me that I was 7 minutes behind the leaders so “pick up the pace”! haha

Naturally I had to try to go a bit faster. I passed the girl in front of me and ran hard until I got out of sight… then I had to catch my breath. haha

Up and around and through the woods and back down.

Am I smiling?

One more mile with one more big hill to go.

John again surprised me at the finish telling me to push hard and finish strong – I did.



  1. Danielle

    You looked great out there and so awesome that your husband was there cheering you on!

  2. I’ve suspected this for quite sometime, but I’m glad you outed yourself – LOL! We MUST love training b/c we’ve had plenty of opportunities to quit and we’re still smiling and kicking!

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