A View from the TOP

Some weeks everything just clicks and this was one of them. Every single workout was a good one and I had some pretty big accomplishments.

The whole week was great – but this weekend was especially so…

Friday started off great… I took the day off of work so I had the whole day free to train and do whatever I wanted. I still woke up before dawn to get to the pool early. The scheduled workout was for endurance. I was to swim as long as I could without stopping. After some warm-up laps with the kick board and the pull buoy I was ready. I started my watch and started swimming. Speed was not important – I just needed to keep going. Back and forth in the 25 yard pool. I was focused on my breathing and really trying to keep my head down when I took breathes. After a couple of laps I really got into the flow and really did a good job turning around at the ends of the lap and pushing off. I pressed the lap button on my watch at the end of each 50 yard lap.

I felt so good. It was almost effortless. No choking or gagging. No gasping for air.

After awhile my nose plug started to feel like it was slipping and I started getting on odd twinge in my left shoulder. I decided that I should stop when I was ahead… before I started having real issues.

I checked my watch.. it was hard to see the numbers through the wet goggles but I could see that I swam 43 minutes! After some cool down laps I got out to tabulate the results (yes, a nerd in the water, too).

25 laps! 1,250 yards! .7 miles!

I think I got this swimming thing figured out! Now to work on speed.

After my fantastic swim I headed to get a massage and hair cut… it was great – just what I needed.

Next up – the bike ride. John and I had a date on the Saluda Grade. We went all the way up – further than I did a couple of weeks again. This time all the way from Harmon Field to Saluda. It was great, even though I had to stop a couple of times. The hard week of training was catching up in the afternoon heat. John waited for me at the top (yes, he beat me because I had to stop to rest! I could actually go a bit faster uphill that he could) hehehe… I should confess that he was on an old mountain bike with the big knobby tires.

Once again I was dropped on the downhill. I HATE going fast downhill but I really need to figure it out. Once again he kindly waited for me…. once on the flats again I showed no mercy and flew by him. I beat him back my several minutes but cannot call it a win until he doesn’t have to wait for me anymore. One day!

No rest for the weary. I was up bright and early Saturday morning to join some friends for a run up White Oak Mountain. A lovely Switchback laced mountain run. I had never been up it on foot before, but since I signed up for a mountain run in July I need to train.

The elevation gain was 1,558 feet. That doesn’t sound like much considering what I hiked in Colorado last summer, but it was tough. 3.7 miles of fairly steep switchbacks in tiring. My strategy was to walk/run from telephone pole to telephone pole. That latest about a mile or so before the run part became less frequent. By the end there was no running at all:)

It took me an hour. It took the fast people 40 minutes. Now that I know what to expect I think I will be able to run more next time. I honestly thought it was longer so I felt the need to pace myself and conserve my legs. I really didn’t need to.

Last but not least, I had another bike ride on Sunday. 25 miles with fast intervals. My favorite type of workout. The problem is that the weather wasn’t cooperating. More rain. It seems like all it does is rain lately. I would not let that deter me. I wanted to finish this training week strong. For the first 5 miles the rain mostly held off… just a little mist, nothing bad. As soon as I started my intervals it started coming down. I was soaked before too long. At 20 miles I was thinking about stopping, but, heck, I was already cold and wet – what did it matter? I kept going. I stopped when my watch said 25 miles and changed into dry clothes. I was cold but it was fun. There is a certain amount of joy in getting a great workout done in the soaking rain.

Let’s hope for another great week!


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  1. Oh wow… You really had big week! Katie was not kidding when she said that you grew gills! 😉 BTW, I find the Saluda Grade descend one of the most terrifiying descends in the are… Just saying.

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