Random Thought

I love listening to podcasts… lately the main topic has been about swimming. I have to absorb everything I can from podcasts, books, websites, my coach…. I want to be good at this and not flounder (haha… I bet flounders are good swimmers).


On the podcast I was listening to today there were a couple of interviews with age-groupers who started swimming as adults and how they were able to conquer their fears and embrace the water. While I don’t think I have any FEARS, I do certainly have some uneasiness in the water, especially the open water. It was good to hear how they succeed in their goals.

Lots of things were said in the interviews but one thing stuck out…

“Persistence is key. Freedom is the reward.”

So true! Some of us may not be fast and may not ever win anything in a race, but FREEDOM is the reward. The knowledge that I can do anything I want. I can sign up for any race and do it (with the proper training and guidance). I just can’t help but think back to 2009 when I was starting my blog and contemplating my first 10K. I was so afraid to sign up. 6.2 miles. I was afraid. Obviously I broke out of that fear, but not without a big pep talk from John. I remember like it was yesterday.. “it’s only 3 more miles”. (At the time I had only run 3 miles).

Now I have the freedom (mentally) to do whatever I WANT to do. It’s a nice feeling.



  1. Caroline

    Great random thought – it is nice to know that nothing is out of your reach. Good for you!!

  2. Cynthia

    Great swim today lets do it again soon, woo hoo 100 yd laps!

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