My “be like a dog” week

This time last year I started training for the Marine Corps Marathon. How time flies! I remember being excited but still full of anxiety and worry about not being able to finish it. So worried that I hired a professional to help get me there… my coach, Katie Malone. She did just that and more. It has been such a fun year running, learning how to cycle and swim. I ca’t believe just last week I did my first sprint tri! Something I never thought I would do. NEVER.

I can certainly see myself doing more.

After I rest.

It dawned on me that, with the exception of a few days over the holidays and when I was sick in the spring, I really haven’t had any time off. I didn’t really even think about it until last Wednesday when I was getting ready for my ride…. I pulled my my bike shorts, slipped my yellow jersey over my head and sat on the bench and wanted to cry. I was so tired. I just did not want to ride AT ALL. This was a first. I have had times I didn’t want to run – it hurts. But riding my bike is always fun.

I needed a break.

So, in a few pictures… this is basically what I did last week:

Life is good!



  1. Caroline

    From the pictures (which I love!) – it looks like you had a nice, relaxing week!

  2. Katheryn

    I love this, mom!! Pictures are worth a thousand words!!

  3. Linda Phelps

    This really gave me a chuckle – so precious are Mollie and Tucker.

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