Something new…

Something borrowed, something blue. Wait, I am getting confused with training and wedding planning! haha. The bottom line is that I am a tad late for the wedding hoopla. I am thrilled that my daughter is getting married, but I have been so busy trying to be a triathlete that I have foresaken some of my motherly duties. Until now. In the past week I think I have bombarded my daughter with more info than she cares to know about. That’s me… all or nothing.

In an effort to calm the mind and body I am trying something new for the next few months. Calming the anxiety and inflammation by adhering to a strict Whole 30 diet and yoga.

I have been going and going and going for a few years now. My weight loss was great for the first two years, but since marathon training it has been stable. I have been in maintenance mode… which would be fine if I were at my goal weight! But, I am not.

So, I am working with the trainer at adidas… her name is Alisen. She is a triathlete, nurse and personal trainer. She has a lot of letters behind her name and really seems to know what she is talking about. She knows my goals and has really put a lot of effort into getting to know me, my issues and my goals. I am going to do whatever she tells me to do.

Up first, get the diet in place and the cortisol down. Stress leads to cortisol production which leads to abdominal weight That’s me. Despite my constant training I have managed to put on weight in my waist. If it were totally a calories in/calories out equation I should be thin. Yet, sadly, I am not. There has to be something else. Hopefully Alisen has the answer,

So, for the next 30 days I am doing yoga and eating Meat, Vegetables, Nuts, Fruits and Seeds. That’s it. Hopefully we will reset my body and get back on “track”. We will then do resistance training then low heart rate aerobic training.

It feels a bit weird not doing intense workouts daily, but I am going to comply and see what comes of it. I am looking forward to the change!



  1. Danielle

    I look forward to being right beside you on this ! 🙂

  2. lauraph2009

    Thanks Danielle! The changes you have made are very inspiring.

  3. You are making such great strides. I’m going to check out that Whole30 website. I need something different too – not sure what that will be for me yet.

  4. lauraph2009

    There is a ton of great info Kathryn G. has been doing it, too, and feels great. I am going to start blogging daily for the next 30 days.

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