Preparation is complete

Tomorrow begins my 30 day Whole 30 challenge. I have done it before, but not completely strict. The last time I did it I was training for one thing or another and needed to supplement with gels, etc. I still had that sugar in my body. In the past I also ate quite a bit of carbohydrates.. mostly in the form of sweet potatoes and potatoes. Probably more than I needed. I rationalized that I was “in training” and needed the fuel.

Not this time!

For 30 days I am going to go low carb. Since I am only doing yoga there is no need for the extra fuel. I will be focused on clean eating and working on my yoga moves.

As with any new diet you one must prepare! I went to Costco and the grocery store to make sure I had plenty of good food to eat.

The main cast of characters:

Chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, coconut, veggies… lots of good food.

The supporting cast:

I am going to take some supplements as well… fish oil (gang… LITERALLY, I can barely swallow one of the tablets!), magnesium, and a cortisol supplement (filled with B vitamins and various herbs).

Hopefully nutrient dense food + supplements + yoga + rest = weight loss


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