Whole30 – Day 2

I woke up before the alarm today for the second day in a row. I have been focused on getting regular sleep the last couple of weeks. I was so messed up from the early mornings and the late nights that I just wanted to be on a regular schedule again.

The jerky turned out good! I will definitely be making it again. It was easy and much cheaper than any of the good stuff that you have to buy on-line.

Food log today:
B: spinach, Canadian bacon, eggs
S: green olives
L: Salad with tuna, avocado, tomatoes
S: jerky and coconut flakes
D: Kung Pao chicken with cauliflower “rice
S: cucumber slices

Three pounds of dehydrated meat almost filled a gallon zip lock bag. When I first tried it I wasn’t sure I would like it. John said it was good.. so it must be:)

Lunch was nice and relaxing again outside… for a bit. First of all the sun was so hot that it made my salad warm. A warm tuna salad is NOT appetizing. I managed to eat it all but it would have been better cold. Then, after I finished my salad I switched positions so I could get some reading done and it turns out that there are ants all over the area and I got bit!

The salad started off pretty… nobody ever takes “after” pictures of mostly eaten, wilted tuna salad so I will not start here.

THe jerky and the coconut were a good combination!

This afternoon I all of a sudden got really tired. I slept good so certainly that wasn’t the case. I find it hard to believe that I am already having carb withdrawal issues. It has only been two days! But, then I logged into Whole9 where they blogged a Day-by-Day Guide. Sure enough, days 2-3 mention fatigue… it varies from person to person depending on how you ate prior to the start of the program. Hopefully this fatigue is all I will have since my diet was not terribly bad. I haven’t eaten gluten in a year and sugar is rare. My big indulgence is wine and corn chips. Although, this past weekend, I did enjoy my all time favorite… whiskey. Hopefully that will be out of my system soon!.

I have to say I am a bit nervous for tomorrow. A hilly, 34 mile bike ride. Low carb. I will be counting on raisins and other fruit to get me through. The good thing is that after my ride I can come home and nap!


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