Whole30 – Day 8

I wasn’t really hungry today. The problem is that I still wanted to eat. This is not a new feeling… I have always eaten when I was not hungry! That is half the problem I guess. So, the change today was that I was aware that I was not hungry yet wanted to eat so I didn’t eat. Guess what? I survived. I felt weird most of the morning like I looked in my lunch box a couple of times to get my snacks out but really talked myself out of it. I have to get in the habit of not eating every time my brain is telling me to eat.

I did end up getting hungry eventually. Since I was just going to eat when hungry my meal times were not at the normal times.

Food Log
6:30AM: eggs, Canadian bacon, spinach
12:00PM: green olives
2:00PM: steak, asparagus, mushroom, spinach
4:30PM: blueberries and peaches with coconut milk
8:45PM: eggs and sausage

My lunch was the leftovers from last night. Oh how I wish I could eat this daily! I used the chimichurri as salad dressing. It was delicious.

Yet another picture of my favorite snack!

Dinner was late… I was truly hungry by the time I got to eat. I had my first yoga class at 6:30PM so even if I had been hungry I didn’t want to eat and do yoga on a full stomach. By the time I got home I was famished and dinner tasted extra good!


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