Whole30 – Day 11

It was a lovely day… I didn’t have to work. In fact, I didn’t have to do anything but I sure was busy, hair appointment, lunch with a friend, “yoga”, and a running club meeting. Thank goodness I took the day off!

“Yoga”… there are quotes around the word because I am not quite sure what it was. I was getting ready to go downstairs to do yoga. John suggested I do the Insanity “yoga”… which is called “Max Recovery”. I should have known what I was getting into. John has been doing the Insanity workout program for a few weeks now and he also comes up stairs dripping sweat. Now, he is a heavy sweater, but geez. That workout just looks brutal to me. I am all for working hard, but that is so much jumping.

Well, I did the workout (notice, the word changed from yoga to workout). There were so yoga moves, but lots of other things too. My mat was slippery wet by the time I was done. I am usually not a big sweater. The only thing that made me sweat like that was riding my bike on the trainer over the winter. This was the RECOVERY workout… AND, I had to modify some of the moves! Crazy.

It was a good workout, but not yoga. I usually don’t look like this after yoga (well, you can’t really tell but I am dripping with sweat and my mascara is smeared all over my face):

Food Log:
7:30AM (I slept in!): Canadian bacon, fruit
11:30AM (lunch at a pizza place): Crustless, cheeseless pizza. Actually very good, they just laid sausage down on a small pan and piled all the toppings on top.
1:30PM (the “pizza” was small and didn’t hold me over) Spinach salad with chicken from last night
5:30PM Grilled portabella mushroom pizzas with homemade pesto and fresh Italian sausage. SO GOOD
9:30PM cashews

Portobello mushrooms are my latest obsession. I have them a couple of times a week. I love to marinate them in balsamic vinegar and olive oil and grill them. For this recipe I marinated and grilled them on the gill side first, then turned them and added the topping. I spread the pesto all over the gill side, then topped with some delicious Italian sausage I got in my CSA basket this week and added artichoke hearts (John also got goat cheese on his).

Served over some spinach:

I made two and could only eat one so get to eat the rest for breakfast!

Bonus funny story…
I amost forgot. This afternoon I went to the grocery store to get the mushrooms and I was standing in line is a very talkative old lady. Next to the candy display there were bandanas hanging on a rack. She picked one up and said, “these make the cutest shirts”. I said, “really, I never would have thought of that? For a little girl I imagine.” She replied, “no, for anyone… you would look so cute in one, it would cover you just fine”.

Oh the image.

Needless to say… I had to come home and look up what bandana shirt looked like on a grown women. Funny that the first one I find is a woman next to a motorcycle. Maybe this is my new look?



  1. Susette Schellin

    Love it! Great story!

  2. You are doing great! I’m enjoying your daily reports.

    The bandanna look is not a good one – for anyone.

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