Whole30 – Day 18 – A new state of mind

I actually think I am becoming a calm person. Not like I have ever been hyper or anything.. .more of a calm mind. Nothing seems to really bother me this week. I find that I am sleeping soundly and waking up before the alarm (mostly because I have set my alarm for later). It might be all the magnesium I am taking!

I have been taking thyroid medicine 4 years now. I never liked taking it – I just hate taking medicine, but in the beginning it seemed to help with my initial weight loss and my panic attacks. I definitely think it helped me. Over the years I have accidentally let it run out and within a few days I could tell that some of the symptonms would come back… my heart would start racing, etc.

About two months ago it ran out and the doctor would not refill it without me coming in. I was too busy and honestly I didn’t want to go in there. I have been off gluten for a year and taking my magnesium and coconut oil religiously for over a month. I thought I would see how I felt without the medicine and if I started feeling bad then I would go in.

Guess what? Nothing. I feel great. I think it is the combination of good nutrition, good sleep, magnesium and coconut oil. I really think it works.

Whole9 posted something on their Facebook page that I am starting to believe:
“In terms of priority (for optimal health), nutrition > sleep > exercise.”

For the past few years I have been putting exercise first, then nutrition, then sleep. I have been enjoying switching it up these last few weeks. It is fun to try something new!

Food Log:
7:00AM – eggs and sausage
1:00PM: leftover chicken from last night. Sadly, no spaghetti squash
6:00PM – crustless, cheeseless, Mexican pizza (we had to go out tonight since there was no power)

I have another busy weekend ahead so I will have to recap all of the adventures on Sunday. I have plotted out my food choices again… hopefully it will go as planned.


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