Whole30 – Day 22

What a great day! I was productive and relaxed… I love this new calmness that I have. I am looking forward to working out again, but I like the peace I have found in not running around like a crazy woman trying to prove myself all the time. I don’t know what the heck I was trying to prove any ways.

I have to find a balance between setting goals to reach and being obsessed with reaching the goals.

As I finish up my last week of Whole 30 + only yoga I need to start thinking ahead to what I want to do. First and foremost is my weight loss goal. Hopefully that will come when I add exercise back in. I am happy I took the break and feel really good, but I know I need to move.

I was thinking back to when I felt really good and strong and it was last year before the marathon training when I was doing Crossfit-type work outs in my own gym. I like the peace of staying at home and I know I can push myself hard. I have all my beautiful equipment ready and waiting for me.

My old friends….


Maybe this year I will actually jump up on this thing!

Food log for today:
7:00 – turkey burger and spinach
10:30 – coconut flakes
1:30 – turkey burger with guacamole
8:00 – cantaloupe

I know. Boring. I was just not hungry today.


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