Whole30 – Day 24

Time flies when you are having fun. Summer is going by too quickly – I can’t believe it is already the last week of August. However, time does not fly nearly as fast the week the air is broke:) Hopefully we will have a new air conditioner tomorrow. I have embraced the situation long enough! haha

Food Log:
7:00AM – salmon and spinach
1:00PM – turkey burger with spinach and asparagus
6:30PM – hamburger and grilled Portobello mushrooms with spinach and peppers

Yum. Have I mentioned that I love the grilled mushrooms? This is my favorite what to prepare them:

Marinate in olive oil and balsamic vinegar (tonight it was just a few minutes)
Put them on a hot grill and cook both sides until they have some char marks and look cooked (about 4 minutes per side)
Flip them so the gill side is up
Spread homemade (dairy free) pesto on them
Top with whatever you want… tonight it was spinach and roasted red peppers and finish cooking until toppings get warm.

I just flipped them and spread the pesto on them:

Add toppings (notice, some have white blobs… yummy goat cheese – those are for John)

Tonight I served them with hamburgers. So good!

I am looking forward to tomorrow – YOGA night! I have really learned to love yoga. It is hard, don’t get me wrong, but I really like the focus it takes to hold the poses and coordinate the breath. I have actually tried to incorporate some things I learn in yoga in my daily routine – like posture. I have really become more aware of how I am holding my body. Good stuff.



  1. Linda Phelps

    I am going to make those mushrooms this weekend, yummy!

  2. lauraph2009

    Good – I hope you enjoy it. Let me know how it turns out!

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