Whole30 – Days 26 and 27

What an odd couple of days! I was out-of-town again this weekend, but luckily no hotels and restaurant food to contend with. I am dog sitting sweet Mollie and Tucker. First off all, I have gotten more exercise these past two days then I have the past 27! It is hot out so I try to get them out early and late for walks and brief, frequent walks during the day. In between we lounge…

Friday I was not hungry at all. I woke up and didn’t feel like eating so I just hit the road to head up to Knoxville. I got there before lunch got settled and headed to the grocery store. I first went to the new Super Kroger… oh my… the ultimate grocery store. They have everything… almost too much! Not sure if I could shop there on a weekly basis. I get some avocados, salad stuff and my favorite Boar’s Head Chipolte Chicken breast. Yum.

Next stop – Earthfare. I needed some meat. I got some pork sausage and a rib-eye. Also, a few more little things like olives, roasted peppers and artichoke hearts.

So back to my lack of appetite… after shopping I nibbled on some of the Boar’s Head chicken and some olives for lunch. For dinner I cooked up the sausage and mixed it with the peppers and artichokes and made some stuffed mushrooms – I had six small mushrooms and a salad (not pictured).

That is not a lot of food for me! I just did not feel like eating one bit… so I didn’t.

My hunger came back on Saturday! The problem is that I wanted all the wrong stuff. I purposefully did not go to the store because I didn’t trust myself. I just kept busy with the dogs and lounged by the pool. Yesterday I didn’t really drink a lot of water either, so I think I was dehydrated a bit. I tried to drink a lot today and that has helped.

For morning I had some of the sausage mixture again over salad:

Lunch was a simple chicken and avocado:

Mollie wanted some, too:

Although I tried to keep busy I did spend some time staring into my daughter’s kitchen cabinets. Luckily there was nothing there to temp me at all. Except the liquor cabinet! haha – they have a nice stock of whiskey that I looked at! That was hard!!!!!!! Drink water and keep busy!!!

Oh, they did have bananas.. I have not had one all month and I ate TWO of them today. They were the best bananas I have ever had.

Dinner was the best and it couldn’t come too soon.

Steak salad.

Seriously. I cannot tell you how delicious this was! A beautiful rib-eye seasoned with a simple all-purpose seasoning mix – salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. Cooked in a cast iron pan. I served it over a bed of mixed greens with a side of avocado. There were some pan juices that I drizzled over the top. For the record, meat juice makes the best salad dressing. Nothing else needed.

I almost think that cast-iron cooked steaks are better than grilled steaks. If you have a cast iron pan you must try!

So, now it’s just me and the dogs. Boy, I could use dessert! I wish I bought a can of coconut milk and some berries!

I just have to keep myself distracted – Tucker and the tennis ball will do the trick!


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