Whole30 – Day 29

Time flies. It is hard to believe that July is already over. It has been a busy, but good, month.

One of the many things I have learned this month doing the Whole 30 is that food is just food. Yes, there are special occasions and good meals, but not every meal has to be an event. I have spent most of my adult life, maybe before that, obsessed with cooking magazines and cooking shows. I like to cook and I enjoy feeding people…. including myself. It always meant a lot to me to make a nice dinner and have people tell me how good it is. The problem is I wanted to do that daily. That is a lot of pressure… especially when the main person you cook for understands that food is just food! Although it still means a lot to be appreciated I do understand a bit better now.

Meat, Vegetables, nuts, fruits…. the trick is to keep it very simple.

Take tonight for instance. I had yoga and John had basketball. I made a quick chicken pasta salad for him and same for me with no pasta. Nothing fancy but it filled my stomach. No over eating. No drama. Just food.

This was very yummy and quick – leftover chicken, artichoke hearts, roasted red pepper and avocado.

The whole day was pretty simple:
7:00AM – eggs cooked in coconut oil (as usual…ALL my breakfasts have coconut oil)
1:00PM – Turkey burger, spinach, avocado
8:30PM – chicken and veggies

I had yoga tonight and it was fantastic. I just enjoyed my dinner while listening to my latest musician. My brother introduced me to the music of Greg Hansard and The Frames.

LOVE this song.
Star Star



  1. Linda Phelps

    Pretty cool song, I listened to it twice. Seems tame for your brother, I expected a blaring rock band music. Salad looks delicious.

  2. lauraph2009

    Yes, this song is pretty mellow, but I like the message. THe other songs are pretty laid back, too, but some a little more intense. Certainly not his typical music!

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