Beyond Whole30

I am in the beyond phase at this point. I am not going to continue to count days, but just do what I know to do and live life. I am going to follow my plan and continue to eat the Whole30 way and make decisions and food choices as they come.

I had a fantastic weekend. Saturday was spent with my mom shopping for my “mother of the bride” dress. I was not going to come home until I found one. Luckily for me the very first dress I found and tried on was perfect. Mission complete. We spent the rest of the day just browsing around stores.

Food Saturday:
9:00AM – eggs and swiss chard (my new favorite combination!)
11:30A – chicken salad at The Cheesecake Factory (oddly the balsamic vinaigrette was the only thing that contained gluten. Luckily I asked! Plain olive oil was just fine.
4:30PM – 2 martinis with olives (yes, that is right)
8:00PM – rib-eye and salad

After a day of shopping we were relaxing and I decided to have a cocktail. Gin martini with olives. A small one. I sipped it and it tasted good. I enjoyed it and did not guzzle it down, like normal. I had a glass of water and a while later had another. Then I was done. I felt relaxed and enjoyed them and had no desire to have more. I was content. This is odd because usually one leads to another, and leads to another. Nice.

I really needed an excuse to use the new glasses we bought!

Dinner was glorious! Cowboy cut rib-eyes from Earthfare

On Saturday I also starting having some lower back pain. I am not sure where it has come from. I had a nice run at the track Saturday morning with a great warm-up and stretching afterwards. We walked a lot around the mall, but why should that make me hurt? I am going to do some back exercises that John had prescribed to him last year when he was having some lower back pain. Hopefully in will pass soon.

Sunday food log:
7:30AM – eggs and sausage – the best sausage ever from Hickory Nut Farms
1:00PM – turkey breast and tomatoes
6:00PM – bratwurst (from a local farm), sourkraut and beans (delicious!)

Ready to start another week!


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