I craved nuts today. I had macadamia nuts in the morning and some walnuts in the afternoon. Probably overkill, but I was hungry and that is what I wanted.

I also forgot my lunch today and had to scramble to find something. I had a good lunch, too – leftover meatballs and spaghetti squash! I hate it when that happens. I was going to go to Ingles and get their salad bar and buy some meat but I decided to try Jason’s Deli instead.

The salad was expensive, but I crammed as much as I could in that to-go container!

I put tons of greens, eggs, beets, peppers, olives…. topped with olive oil and vinegar. I also got a side of smoked turkey to put on top. I was FULL after I polished this off!

Food Log today:
7:00AM – eggs and spinach
10:00AM – macadamia nuts
2:00PM – big salad
4:30PM – walnuts and raisins (from the Jason’s Deli salad bar. They give you an extra little dish for ice cream, but I filled it up with plain nuts and dried fruit)
8:00PM – finally, my leftover meatballs and spaghetti squash!

30 minutes of stretching and back exercises
10 air squats – I planned to start lifting today, but I didn’t want to risk it with my back still hurting

By the end of the day I was very sore. Not sure if it was my treatment yesterday, yoga or the back exercises… probably a little of each.

Tomorrow is Tabata so I hope my back is better!


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