Wonderful weekend!

I had a great weekend. My daughter was home and I enjoyed every minute of it!

We had a great start on Saturday when we took the pups on a 3 mile walk. We were going to run, but Tucker didn’t cooperate. That’s ok.. the slower we go the more time I have alone with her:)

We hung out, shopped and drank some whiskey… then at some lovely rib-eyes. I had my normal “steak salad”. It was delicious.

The next morning I made some “coconut whipped cream” and berries and peaches for breakfast.

After everyone left on Sunday I went shopping… I headed to Asheville for random shopping and Earthfare to stock up on some good meat.

Along the way I found these:

I am not delusional enough to think these will actually taste like cake, but I am willing to try. I couldn’t resist. I have to say if I could have one think with gluten it would be cake. I could care less for bread or pasta…. but cake.. my oh my. I love cake.

I also found a new seasoning. I have no idea what I will do with it but it looks great. Hawaiian salt with ginger and garlic sound delightful.

I had a great weekend, but probably drank too much whiskey… the upside is that my future son-in-law and I bonded a bit. We had a great time. I felt tired and sluggish most of the weekend so that tells you that my body is not happy with the excess alcohol. I got it out of my system and now I am fine. Ready to start fresh this week.



  1. The cocoa coconut tea is one of my favorites!! I drink it with a little ff 1/2&1/2. They are both “red teas” rooibos so no caffeine. The red velvet is just okay for me. But the cocoa is awesome! You must have been at world market. Do you whip coconut cream?

  2. One more thing on the tea. They need to steep 4-5 min. And one bag for about 6 oz. if you want a big mug of tea use 2 bags. The tea is can taste weak if you use too much water.

  3. lauraph2009

    Yep – I went to World Market! I tried the Red Velvet last night. You are right, it was ok. I am not sure how long I steeped it. I will pay attention next time. Tonight I am going to try the cocoa.

    Yes, I whipped coconut cream. It tasted good, but didn’t get thick like it should. The cans I have all has guar gum, which is a stabilizer, to prevent the coconut milk from separating from the added water. For the best coconut cream it needs to separate. I think Goya brand doesn’t have the guar gum so I am going to have to try again.

  4. Linda Phelps

    The seasoning sounds interesting, let me know how it is. I can always use a different seasoning.

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