Thursday – a day late

Randomly, as usual, the internet went out last night. Not really the internet but our stupid wireless. I really need to get a new router one day. Usually I moan and groan and John, being awesome at reading my signs, dashes upstairs to reset it the wireless so I can be happily on my surfing and blogging way. Last night I just didn’t care. I took it as a sign that I needed to just sit here. I read a book – a real book, not on my Nook. I am reading Light on Yoga by B.K.S Iyengar.

I had to buy the book so I could see the poses and the descriptions clearly (with my reading glasses… the print is extra small). I thought if I am going to continue yoga I want to know more about what the poses do and mean and the proper ways to do them. Last night was my last yoga class of this 4 week series. I learned a lot but have a lot of practice to do. Class starts back up the Monday after Labor Day.

Recap of yesterday:
High point: I had a couple, mostly involving my friends at work and outside of work. I am so lucky to have some great people in my life.

Low point: My stomach. My body told me very clearly that corn is not my friend. On Wednesday we had our running club meeting at a Mexican restuarant and I had about 6 corn chips and two steak tacos with corn tortillas. This is my first corn experience since I start Whole30. Not good. Nothing bad or graphic happened, but general uneasiness all day and bloated. Not the way I want to feel so those things are out of good.

Food log:
It was only yesterday and I can barely remember. Due to my bloating I really did not feel like eating.
7:00AM – eggs, sausage, spinach
12:00PM – jerky and coconut
4:30PM – Lara Bar
8:30PM – nuts (I found delicious unsalted mixed nuts at Costco)

Not a very balanced day. I made salmon patties for dinner, but by the time I got home from yoga I didn’t want to eat them.

Tonight was tough. I think because it was our last day she really gave us some poses that were hard and made us hold them longer. I was sweating bad!

Song of the day:
Bird of Sorrow
I am addicted to Glen Hansard right now. The songs are deep and emotional and he sings them with such emotion it is amazing. I would love see him in person. My brother just introduced me to this music. Normally I avoid this type of music – I have always preferred to drown things out with pop bands that don’t make me think.



  1. How is your back doing? Hopefully better!! I’ll let you know this weekend about yoga on Monday. I ran/walked the lake this morning. That makes twice this week. Absolutely cannot believe I have done that, and that I got up before 6am to do it!

  2. Linda Phelps

    He does have good music. I could sit back and just listen to him in peace and quiet

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