Weekend Recap

I have had a great few days. I can’t believe that the month is coming to an end in a week… the wedding is getting closer and my progress is continuing. This past month has been wonderful – focused on health – mental and physical and have had some wonderful days. It is amazing what focus and patience can do.

On Saturday John and I went on a motorcycle ride. I had to work in the morning so we didn’t get started until almost 4:00PM. The skies were grey but we decided to roll on. I wanted to go up Ceaser’s Head – I want to ride my bicycle up it one day so I thought the first pass would be good on the motorcycle. It was long and winding. I know I can do it with enough training. We made it to the top and had great views, even though it was overcast.

On the way back we hit some pretty good rain. Thankfully we have our rain gear now! We made it through and stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner. I had a pretty decent rib-eye and three veggies; green beans, turnips greens and baby carrots. It was good. Obviously, lots of sodium, but tasty.

Sunday was spent shopping and lounging. I didn’t really want to leave the house but I had to find shoes for the wedding and do my weekly grocery shopping. I decided to go to Greenville.. I hate going down there… but I figured it was my best chance to find some silver shoes.

I did.

I went to Whole Foods (it was CRAZY!!! I think every young, yuppie family was there! Seriously… people, your children should NOT be pushing carts in a crowded grocery store) OK… rant over… sorry, this defies my new “yoga” attitude.

Lots of cooking went on this afternoon. I prepared sausage, chicken, pork, spaghetti sauce and jerky. We should be set for the week.

While cooking I have been watching a documentary on the Tour Divide

I really do not want to mountain bike, much less ride through the Rocky Mountains from Canada to Mexico, but it does stir the desire to do something great. Need to focus. Get the weight off and get strong. There are many exciting things to do!



  1. LOVE the shoes!! Now you can practice dancing in them!!! Hee Hee.

  2. Linda Phelps

    The shoes are beautiful. This coming weekend dad and I are going to find me an outfit, hopefully.

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