Delicious Monday

I did a ton of cooking yesterday and hopefully I am set for the next few days. All of this plus the most amazing pork dish (also, not pictured, swiss chard and sweet potatoes) will be in our bellies:

High point of the day: Is it ok to say “breakfast”? It almost seems sad that eating the delicious pork for my first meal was the highlight of the day. My day was great.

Yes, that is sauerkraut with it. Raw fermented sauerkraut is apparently very good for digestion so I am going to give it a try. I was actually a very tasty combination.

For lunch I had another odd, but tasty, combination… tuna salad served on apple slices with toasted pecans. I was a bit leery about the combination but it was fantastic. I might be the high dollar tuna:

I have yet to make homemade mayo so I again used my canola mayo. I made sure I had a pecan in every bite:

Food Log:
7:00AM – pork and sauerkraut
10:00AM – beef jerky stick
1:00PM – tuna, apple and pecans
6:00PM – spaghetti squash and meat sauce
8:00PM – unsalted mixed nuts


Recipe of the day:
Stovetop Pork Carnitas


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