On a Roll!

I finally feel like things are coming together for me. I have been working at this nutrition and weight loss gig for a while and always felt like I was just experimenting and waiting for it to fade. I would do something for a while and get bored or feel unsatisfied. I would end up stopping and starting something new again. I have spent countless dollars on diet and health books, running books, fitness books. Always searching for the magic pill. Always coming up empty, tired and disappointed.

I no longer feel that way. I feel positive and satisfied with everything. I have weight to lose still but I am confident it will eventually come off. I am not going to live my self stressed about the extra pounds. I am healthy and I feel GOOD.

High point: Great customer service. I went to Barnes and Noble today at lunch (as I often do) and ordered my Americano. The girl at the counter smiled and greet me and started making it. I have been coming there for years and for the most part the same people are working the counter and yet nobody has ever even hinted that they recognized me. I have never had bad service, but it would seem over the years that there would be some familiarity. I know when I waited tables or cashiered I always made a point to try to get to know my regular customers a bit. Today it happened and it was nice.

7:00AM – pork and sauerkraut.. I really think the sauerkraut is a miracle. My stomach has never felt better.
10:30AM – jerky and coconut
6:30PM – chicken meatballs with peppers, spinach and spaghetti squash

Dinner was so good. I adapted it from a recipe I have had for years but never made for some reason.

Baked Chicken meatballs with peppernota

I had to revise a bit:
I modified a bit… I omitted the breadcrumbs, of course! They were completely unnecessary! I didn’t add the milk or the egg. Just the chicken and the spices. I also added some cooked, chopped pancetta in the meat mixture then placed another small slice on the top of each ball before putting in the oven,

For the peppernota I skipped the capers but added pepperocini for a little kick. Also, I used jarred roasted peppers.

Served over spinach and a side of spaghetti squash mixed with some pre-made pesto. It was from a jar but made with olive oil. It did have some parmesan but I just used a dab.

Squats – air and with 50lb bar
Interval row

Quote of the day and so very true for me:

It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.
Sir Edmond Hillary


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  1. Ted Phelps

    It’s nice being recognized, but you have to make an impression to get it. At Starbucks I usually ask if they have any coffee. Almost very time the clerk will say, “No, sorry, we ran out.” Go through that a few times and they remember you.

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