The last four days

I have had way too much fun to possibly recap the last four days. It was a great weekend and I am pooped. I am not ready to go back to work tomorrow!

Friday – Harley ride and out to eat with John
Saturday – I started off the day with a nice run with my friends then I had Katheryn to myself most of the day (and the pups of course!) It was heaven! Steaks on the grill later with Brad and his family. Good times.
Sunday – Spend the day with Katheryn and Brad and finally John was home, too. Shopping, lounging, playing… another fun day.
Monday – Morning with the gang then clean, clean, clean. No offense to the pups, but they are messy.

We had a lot of good meals this weekend and I am feeling a bit full. I tried a couple of new things that turned out really well.

Coconut Pancakes
I forgot to take a picture, but go to the website for the recipe and you will see a nice shot of them. Mine looked very similar.

It was rainy and dreary all day and I wanted soup. Even though it is still 90 degrees outside I am longing for fall weather. I decided to fake it and make own of my favorite things… butternut squash soup. I made it out of my new book Practical Paleo

It was delicious but I made it even better by topping it was some Caramelized Coconut Chips I made from my other new cookbook Well Fed.

Coconut Chips

Soup with coconut:

Now I am ready for some yoga and bed.

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  1. Right on! Sounds like you had fun AND ate great. Glad you like the Coconut Chips!

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