The past two days….

Boy how time flies when you blog. Two days have gone by and I haven’t told you what I have eaten. The shame.

1: eggs and sauerkraut
2: leftover filet mignon, bacon and coconut pancakes (a surprisingly delicious combo!)
3: pot roast and carrots

1: eggs and sauerkraut
2: leftover pot roast and butternut squash soup
3: zucchini noodles with stir fried chicken and veggies

I have been following the half marathon training plan for two weeks. Getting my running groove back!
Also, started back on my plank challenge that I abandoned last month because of my back issues. I also joined up with a group at work doing a push- up challenge. Goal = 100 push-ups! Yesterday was the baseline test to see how many I could do… two (low with good form) Now I have my progression. I have a 3 day a week workout to do for two weeks then I retest and get the next progression. Should be interesting. Some girls at work are seeing some significant improvements.

Here is something new that I saw on another blog:

5 things that you may not know about me. Since I have been blogging since 2009 and am pretty open this may not be that big of a mystery but here goes:

1. I hate birds. HATE. My skins crawls when one comes near.
2. I love backpacking and I have had to abandon a campsite once because of a grizzly bear
3. I was born in Rhode Island on a Naval Base and I cost $7.00
4. I have a collection of carousel horse figurines
5. When I was in high school I was addicted to the movie “Top Gun” and wanted to be like Kelly McGillis’ character. I thought she was so cool!

Good times!



  1. I’ll just start calling you Kelly. ; ) Love the random things about you, have to know why you cost $7.00….

    I’m working on pushups too. I’m up to 8 toe pushups!! I never thought I would be able to them, my goal is 25 toe.

  2. PS – I think I’ll borrow this random facts for my blog too….whenever I get around to posting another one.

  3. Linda Phelps

    The $7.00 was like a co-pay. Laura was born in a military hospital when her dad was in the Marines and we were stationed in Newport, RI

  4. Oh, interesting! I was also raised by a military family – they adopted me when I was 5 weeks old. And, with Laura’s like of thinking, I cost $120 (processing fee), which was paid by my paternal grandmother. I never thought about it like that before!!

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