The Big Cook

I always try to prepare a couple of meals on Sunday that we can eat during the week. It just makes things easier after a busy day at work. Today I did a little challenge to see how much I could get done in one hour. I got this idea from my new favorite cookbook Well Fed

The author, Melissa Joulwan, calls it the “Sunday Cooking WOD”. “WOD” stands for workout of the day. There is no messing around during the cooking WOD – it is fast and furious. You can’t worry about making a mess… clean up comes later. This is just to see how much food can get prepped, and hopefully cooked, in 60 minutes.

How did I do?
Roast three types of squash: acorn, spaghetti and butternut (done!)
Southwest turkey burgers (done!)
Buffalo stuffed green peppers (done!)
Cauliflower rice (done!)
Two quarts of sauerkraut (jarred and stored for fermentation)
Chicken and roast carrots (prepped and in oven, not done within hour)
Ginger carrot muffins (prepped and put in muffin tins, not baked yet)

The kitchen was a mess! The next hour was spent cleaning up, finishing up and starting tonight’s dinner:
Grass fed beef burgers from Proffit Farms
Roasted okra
Parsnip curly fries

The kitchen is still not clean. I will have to run the dishwasher twice tonight!


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