For the next 42 days I will be embarking on a training program like no other. Goal? Consistency, focus and calmness. Odd goals for sure, but for the past month I have had some sort of attention deficit disorder. I started off the month with some goals and got side-tracked somehow… not sure what happened. I added exercise back in a few times a week, but nothing focused or intense. I also added back in way too many treats. Nothing terrible, but enough to keep my stomach in knots a few days and stall my weight loss.

Why 42 days? That is exactly how many days it is until the big day – my daughter’s wedding.

In the days leading up to this day I will drop another 5 pounds and get all my tasks done.

Whole30 plus a new strength training program is going to get me there.

I am going do Strong Lifts which I had planned on starting a while ago. It is simple and there is an App to make it even easier. 5 lifts, 5 reps, 3 times per week. When I started doing this earlier this summer I realized that I was going to have a problem with the bench press because I did not have the right equipment. I needed a bench to put under my squat rack. For some reason I let that side track me… well, that and triathlon training. Today I went ahead and bought an inexpensive, yet sturdy bench. That should to the trick (as long as I can get John to assemble it for me:). I do not assemble things.

So, over the next 42 days my life will look like this:
Food: strict Whole30 (that means cutting back out the dairy and alcohol that I let creep back in)

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday: Push-up challenge, Run, Strong lifts
Wednesday: Plank challenge, mobility
Thursday: Push-up challenge, Run, Strong Lifts
Friday: you know it… rest day
Saturday: Push-up challenge, Run
Sunday: Strong Lifts, hopefully, as time permits, cycling

MOB Duties (Mother of the Bride):
Follow my timeline to get the checks mailed in time
Finish stocking up on candy for the Candy buffet
Get organized for the shower 10/6
Go to a shower 9/22
Call all the vendors to make sure everything is still on schedule
Finalize food, rentals and cake
Anything else that pops up

Read books
Watch Dexter
Listen to peaceful uplifting music

Music like this (Thanks to my friend and yoga instructor Michelle) LOVE IT!

“It seems like everywhere I go the more I see then less I know. But I know one thing… that I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you”.
Michael Franti


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  1. Linda Phelps

    I would guess that all the wedding planning and parties and of course the BIG DAY has you sidetracked and unfocused. I find it hard when something is going on.

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