Celebration Friday and Whole42 – Day 29

We are officially one month away from the wedding with much to do. I am getting excited to celebrate this special day with family and friends. I took this week to refocus on what is important to me – I let stupid work drama inhabit my brain last week. No more of that!

This past week was great. I got to spend the weekend with my daughter and go to her first wedding shower. It was funny being with her and all of her friends and listening to them be “grown-ups”… well, the girls anyway.

I got some great workouts in and my food was good. In fact, I ate really well this week. One of my new favorite meals is steak and eggs – I had it a couple of times thanks to some leftovers I had from Sunday’s rib-eye.

Last night John and I went to a nutrition talk at a local health food store. While the information was not really new to me, it is good to always hear some things again. The best part of the night is just listening to the owner speak and tell his personal stories and words of wisdom. He is a 60-year-old endurance athlete who runs and cycles. He rides a lot for the Livestrong charity and has had the opportunity to ride with Lance Armstrong. I wish I had brought a notepad because he said a few things that I really wish I could remember exactly.

The first thing was something to the effect of “my body might wear out but I won’t rust”. He was saying that he trains hard and workouts out a lot because he loves it and he would rather have the injuries associated with exercise than to rust away lying around on the couch.

He also spoke of food as fuel. Again, not a new concept, but just hearing it again is helpful. I was telling us a story about someone saying to him once that he probably doesn’t have any fun eating since he is so regimented with his diet and nutrition. He explained to her that he loves his diet and does have fun eating because he knows he is fueling his body to be able to do what he loves. If he wants to go out one day and run two hours or ride 4 hours he knows he can because he stays consistent with his diet. That is what is fun.

Again, not a new concept, but explained in a different way. I have struggled for YEARS conflicted about food and its place. I have talked about it here before…. food as a reward for a good day, a comfort for a bad day, the reason to celebrate with family and friends. We have always put so much emphasis on the role of food. It is just food! The important part is that it is fuel for your body and THAT is what should be celebrated with action and activity. Our bodies were meant to move and it is sure easier to get off the couch and run or ride when you are not feeling heavy, bloated and hung over from eating or drinking too much.

It is such a simple concept and one I think I have made great strides in. I still enjoy good food – as he also mentioned. It just doesn’t have to be special ALL THE TIME.

I am looking forward to spending time with friends running and riding this weekend and doing some wedding shower preparations. Should be a good one!


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  1. It was a good nutrition clinic! I struggle with food for fuel too. I just love to eat and chew so much! Hope I make it for a few miles this Saturday.

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