21 days to go

Well… 19 days to go until the big wedding day. 21 days until I officially start training for my next goal. Although I have enjoyed my training break I am really antsy to do something big. I can’t say that I enjoy doing random exercise. Workouts and lifting weights are fine and I know that they are making me stronger for the things I love to do, but I cannot stay focused. I find that I get board with it. I even set little goals like the plank challenge and the push-up challenge. I honestly just do not care about achieving them. I know that sounds bad.

Clearly I need the medal! I want more medals!

A friend posted on Facebook today about setting her goal to do the Charleston Half Marathon and asked “who’s in?”…. my reply, “ME!” Then it got even better. I went to the race website and saw that the half marathon is Saturday and a 60 mile bike ride is Sunday. That sounds like the perfect way to start off the year and to keep me focused through the holidays.

The goal will be to finish both strong. A PR would be nice, but really it is just to help me stay focused and build my miles through the winter. In January I start back with Coach Katie to focus on triathlons on 2013. I want to come back to her stronger than I left. I better get started!


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