Doing what I want!

I had a great weekend… I got to see Katheryn and Brad and the pups so that is always a treat. Plus, I got to do fun things. Run and cycle. I had a strong weekend of both and I am thrilled. 31 miles on the bike and a 10 mile run the next day. The weather was beautiful and the company was even better.

The best part is that I DID BOTH and enjoyed every moment. I have really turned a corner this year of not putting limits on myself. I do what I want to do! A short time ago I might have done one or the other but not both. And, a time before that I would not have done either one. I have not been training in any shape or form. Technically I was not prepared for either. I would have let that stop me before.

Ride 31 hilly miles with only three moderate bike rides over the last month? “I can’t do that” my brain would have said. I would have been looking for “permission” from someone (John… Katie…) to tell me to go ahead and do it. This time I just did it.

Run 10 miles? “But.. but… I have not run more than 6 miles for months!” “I can’t run 10 miles!” My brain would have told me and I would have believed it. This time I just did it.

Have I actually turned a corner? Where is the self-doubt? Where are the self-imposed limitations? GONE

I have faced my fears before and have done things that surprised me, but usually after a lot of thinking about it and talking about it. Usually I tell John what I want to do looking for him to say “just do it” or Katie… I remember the 50 mile bike ride I wanted to do earlier this year. I WANTED to do it, but I had to e-mail Katie and ask her if she thought I could do it. Of course, she said yes… as does John. This time I didn’t ask permission. There was not a doubt in my mind I could do both. This is a turning point.

I do have two problems at this point:
1) My foot HURTS
2) I have road rash and a farmer’s tan

Why are they problems? I have a wedding to attend in less than one week. My daughter’s wedding. I have a sleeveless dress. Thank goodness it is long! My legs are scraped up from an unfortunate fall AFTER the bike ride as I approached my car and hit a sandy spot. My farmers tan on my arms is from the run this afternoon. I was running in a tee-shirt and forgot all about the sun. Hopefully I will have time to fix it this week!



  1. Ted Phelps

    Just do it? You should be thinking, “Impossible is Nothing.” I am glad you made that turn.

  2. lauraph2009

    Good point Dad! I have to make sure to use the correct slogans from now on!

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