Keep it Simple

The wedding is over and I think I am thoroughly ready to start training again. However, I am battling a problem I have in the past… how to train. My mind goes crazy with this question – there are so many things to think about. What running plan should I follow? How will I fit in cycling? How can I combine my half marathon training and a 60 mile bike ride? What about strength training, stretching, food?

The great thing about having a coach is that all of this is taken care of – I just have to obey. I decided for this first round not to get a coach. I have run multiple half marathons and I have ridden my bike enough to know that I can get myself to ride 60 flat miles.

I still need a plan. I have been skimming the internet, reading my magazines and training books. Trying to decide which coaches plan to follow. I tend to drive myself nuts with this stuff. I used to do it more in the early days of running. I remember one conversation I had with John and he told me that I spend more time reading about running than actually running. Probably true.

He shared his words of wisdom again the other day when I was contemplating getting a coach again. He said that he will tell me what to do… workout hard every day.

That is pretty simple, but I still need SOME guidance.

I decided to just follow a generic half marathon plan from Runners World magazine and ride my bike on the trainer on the cross-training days and enjoy a long ride on the weekend. Sounds like a simple plan. I am just going to get the miles in and have fun. These next 11 weeks are just about building a nice endurance base and getting back into the training groove.



  1. Ted Phelps

    Sounds good. They say failing to plan is planning to fail.

  2. Would love to do some of your runs with you, I do better with a plan too.

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