HHC: Day 3

The morning came too soon. Despite not drinking I felt like I had a hangover. It didn’t help to hear the dogs come barreling down the stairs. They want to go outside… I oblige.

I wanted to do a mile time trial today but with the dogs and the hassal of getting into town with road construction, I decided to just workout at home and get my running in doing tabata sprints up and down the driveway. I did running skills and drills and started my sprints. All was going well until Tucker decided to play and sent me tumbling down the driveway.

I thought I broke my knee and maybe threw my hip out.. hopefully it is just skinned up.

Keg leg and the culprit:

B: 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil and spinach
S: spiced nuts (seriously… I could eat these things all day long!)
L: homemade tomato soup
D: grilled pork tenderloin, spinach salad and butternut squash soup
Drinks: martinis

The pork tenderloin was fantastic. The recipe is from Bobby Flay’s “Grill It” cookbook… a 1/4 cup of canola oil mixed with 2T smoked paprika and 1 T kosher salt. Coat the tenderloin and let sit for 5 minutes before putting on the hot grill. Grill to 150 degrees. Let rest 5 minutes. Divine!

The for-mentioned tabata sprints….
Before that I did running drills
15 minutes yoga outside… there is no better way to do yoga. I love doing yoga out in nature.


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