HHC Day 4 – Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! What a busy day… started off with a run (well, I walked due to my knee injury from yesterday, but it was still good. More walking a short time later while we watched “The Blessing of the Hounds”. Apparently this is a 87 year old tradition that I never knew about before. A priest blesses horses and hounds getting ready to go fox hunting. It was fun to see.

Then we spent the next three hours cooking. It was so much fun. Usually Mom and I take care of everything ourselves. This year we got the whole family involved. Why haven’t we been doing this every year?

B: paleo pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread (treats indeed!)
S: handful of potato chips (Ruffles are GF, right?) I skipped the dip
L: Turkey, GF cornbread and sausage stuffing, sweet potatoes, 7 layer salad
Just enough to make me happy… did not over eat, but enjoyed each bit.
No dessert (had that for breakfast!)
4 big glasses of wine – didn’t switch to liquor! Stuck with the wine and didn’t have a headache going to bed.


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